Hungry? Look around you

Many Reasons to Eat Local (via   Have you ever wondered why it might be good to eat foods according to the season?  You probably notice how there are certain fruits and vegetables available in the fall (apples, pears, squash) versus what is seen in the spring/summer (melons, papaya…  

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2013/09/18 Coaching Thoughts

Food for the Spirit

S. Korea 'temple cuisine' feeds body and soul (via AFP) A centuries-old tradition of Buddhist cuisine, with strict bars on foods linked to lust or anger, is enjoying a revival in ...

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2013/02/02 Lunch

What do you desire?

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2012/12/02 Coaching Thoughts

10 Reasons Why You’re Doing it Wrong

Honestly, I really don’t know if you are doing it wrong, but everyone else seems to think so. “You’re doing it wrong”  has been around for awhile, but I've recently seen an uptick online of self-styled regulators who chide, correct,  lecture, and make detailed lists about how everyone else is doing everything wrong because they have somehow decided ...

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2012/01/04 Coaching Thoughts

Slow Cooking

The slow food movement is about taking time to prepare good, clean, food from local ingredients and food sources, and educating people on taste and the nutritional benefits of natural food.  In the time it takes to craft a fresh, healthy meal, time itself is subdued by the process. There’s no rush to get there ...

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2011/11/15 Social Media, Society

Try a Little Tenderness

In times of collective tragedy, it’s easy to see how we’re all connected. But when the dust settles and we return to the day-to-day struggles in our own lives, that’s when our sense of connection can fall apart. In my experience, personal difficulties—even successes—can work to alienate me from others.  There’s an interior monologue running through ...

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2011/09/11 Society

Low Self Esteem Could Save the World

 I see it everywhere. It’s in self-help books, on TV talk and reality shows, and observed in online conversations—and personas. “I feel good about myself.” “I’m the best.” “You’re wrong. I’m right.” “I know more than you do.” There it is.  The mantra of American life.  It’s imperative to be right, to “own” your brand, to identify yourself, and parade ...

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2011/08/10 Society

Your Mama

There's an amazing phenomenon happening online - a wonderful campaign ToMamaWithLove being led by the innovative US 501c3 nonprofit behind TweetsGiving, "one of the first events to harness Twitter for social good." Across the blogosphere, supporters of the "To Mama With Love" campaign are singing the praises of their mothers and the power of love to change the ...

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2011/05/03 Friendship, Social Philosophy and Causes, Twitter

Cause Related

A friend and colleague, Simon Mainwaring, has recently written a book about corporate responsibility titled “We First,” I look forward to reading it as Simon is a compelling speaker with a holistic, organic approach to business. The amazing thing, however, is the Simon has donated 10% of the profits of his book to, a campaign of ...

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2011/05/01 Social Philosophy and Causes

I’m Checking Into Rehab

While rehab may be about abstinence from alcohol or drugs, working the 12-Steps of AA requires fellowship, getting out of your own head, supporting others, tolerance, being of service, honoring commitments – and changing your attitude about the world, people, and circumstances in your life. It’s also about surrendering the belief that you can control ...

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2011/01/31 Coaching Thoughts, Personal Growth